Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013


I've finally managed to buy new glasses! It's so much better with them, I'm able to see everything very sharply again (well... Sure, I already have some glasses, but didn't wear them as much as I should do - just don't wanna look at them anymore. Always the same sucks so much after a time).
So this sunday began, very sharply, with a wonderful walk in the winterwonderlandsnowwood. I can't believe it's so cold again, I've already bought a new leather jacket and new shoes for the mild temperatures in spring. Well I know that's kinda soon, but I couldn't hardly await springtime.
So now (after my walk in the morning, a hot bath, a breakfast in the noon and a little blog work) I'm going to spend the evening with some old friends, who I haven't seen for months.
Time after time it's so lovely to spend a little time at your hometown.

ZARA scarf (sale) / promod blouse / MANGO skirt (sale) / Urban Outfitters ring

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  1. eigentlich sind Stirnbänder bei mir immer sofort unten durch, aber irgendwie find ich das ganze Outfit hier so harmonisch und hübsch zusammen, dass ich absolut vom Gegenteil überzeugt wurde ^^

  2. steht dir ausgezeichnet, die brille!

  3. wo hast du denn die tolle brille her?


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