Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013


1. H&M Kerze ca. 5€
2. Zara Jasmin Kerze ca. 23€
3. Urban Outfitters Schälchen ca. 9€
4. Ferm Living Papierkorb ca. 58€
5. Urban Outfitters Lampe ca. 358€
6. Impressionen Stuhl ca. 249€
7. Zara Vase ca. 36€
8. Ferm Living Kissen ca. 55€
9. House Doctor Teppich ca. 26€

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013


I hate beeing without make up (at least mascara or lipstick) except I'm at home the whole day, in that case I look like totally messy anyway. So Make up is somehow important for me, even if I use it descreetly most time. However I don't have a lot of products.
This is what I'm using currently (well almost at all time):

1. Maybelline Ever Fresh Concealer in light beige. I've never changed that one since I began to use concealer. That's one of the most important things, especially when you've partied the whole night before.

2. Manhattan Soft Compact Powder in 8 Vanille. It's so good when you want to have like a perfect skin!

3. Manhattan Dip Eyeliner waterproof. I think one of the most feminine accents is a perfectly curved cateye-line! For me it's a must-do when I'm going out. Mostly too much effort for everyday make up (I'm just not that kind of girl who spends hours in front of the mirror), but for evenings, nights or events it's a absolute must!

4. Avon Bronze Powder Pearls. For nice shimmering accents on your skin. I use it every day for my cheeks. Looks always a bit sunkissed :)

5. p2 Color Victim nailpolish in 130 passion and matte topcoat. I'm soooo addicted to nailpolish! These are my favs at the moment.

6. Yves Rocher lipstick couleurs nature in 12 rose ispahan. It smells sooooo delicious. Just like good lipstick :)No 

7. The color institure glitter powder. For shimmering eyes on gleaming nights!

8. Catrice kohl kajal pencil for light accents on your eyes. I always use it at the innermost point at the eyes and sometimes I use it instead of eyeliner. It looks always fresh and young ;)

9. Clinique high impact curling mascara. That one is simply not to beat! You can even use it when you're going to the beach or doing sport, because it doesn't scrawl over. And you can simply remove it with 38° warm water. The only thing is that it costs about 27€.

10. No name rouge brush :)

Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013


I've finally managed to buy new glasses! It's so much better with them, I'm able to see everything very sharply again (well... Sure, I already have some glasses, but didn't wear them as much as I should do - just don't wanna look at them anymore. Always the same sucks so much after a time).
So this sunday began, very sharply, with a wonderful walk in the winterwonderlandsnowwood. I can't believe it's so cold again, I've already bought a new leather jacket and new shoes for the mild temperatures in spring. Well I know that's kinda soon, but I couldn't hardly await springtime.
So now (after my walk in the morning, a hot bath, a breakfast in the noon and a little blog work) I'm going to spend the evening with some old friends, who I haven't seen for months.
Time after time it's so lovely to spend a little time at your hometown.

ZARA scarf (sale) / promod blouse / MANGO skirt (sale) / Urban Outfitters ring

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(it's still at its startuo)

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013


- Yono Oko

headband - Zara / jumper - Minkpink / skirt - MONKI

... figurin' out if all that glitter could be gold at the end. Ya.. maybe it could.

By the way: I'm on Facebook now! It would be so lovely if you show me some facebook-love ;)

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Alexander Wang Spring 2013

Some details of the Alexander Wang Collection. Especially these shoes are awesome!
What do you think?

photos via

Montag, 18. Februar 2013


Eine schöne Woche euch allen!
Für mich ist heute die Sonne auch wieder aufgegangen, nachdem ich eine Woche lang im Bett gelegen habe (und damit wohl zum Großteil Deutschlands gehörte - aloha Grippewelle!) kann ich nun endlich wieder eigentständig einkaufen gehen etc. :) wenigstens etwas.

blouse - promod / skirt - Mango / necklace - UrbanOutfitters / nailwear - alessandro

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013


Juchu, nicht mehr ganz so lange dann ist Frühling und unsere Füße müssen nicht mehr ganz so dick eingepackt werden. Zeit sich schuhmäßig langsam mal umzusehen.

1. Nude Sandalen von asos
2. Sandfarbene H&M Boots
3. Hellgraue Plateaus von asos
4. Nude Heels von Topshop
5. Chelsea Boots von Topshop
6. Vagabond Flats via
7. Silberschühchen von Monki

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013


Some Shooting-photos of my latest fashion work. The topic was 'Léger comme une plume' menswear AW 13/14, that's why I chose white fabrics and the light grey leather. I was inspired by organic shapes, especially by cell structures and so the topstitchings on the sleeves evolved. Also the borad-meshed scarf structure is very cell inspired. 
The leather gave me such a hard time (sewing leather isn't fun - believe me!) and I'm so glad now it's done!!
So I hope you enjoy it!
handknitted wool scarf, selfmade leatherjacket and jersey leggings.

Freitag, 8. Februar 2013


Even & Odd SS13

I really like that lighthearted-life-summerfeeling-atmosphere

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013


Kleine Träume krallen ihre Fingerchen in schaumig warme Gewohnheiten, während sie vom Wind davon zu fliegen drohen. Wehen und zittern und schreien vor Freude und Angst. Ich seh dich fliegen, wegfliegen immer höher und weiter, gefangen im Sog der Unendlichkeit. Du drehst dich, du tanzt und bist machtlos gegen jegliche Art des Erwachens. Leise und bunt und wunderschön. Empfindungen schweben durch den Raum und wissen nicht wohin. 
Wir halten uns an den Händen und drehen uns, bis alles um uns herum schwarz wird. Wir sind schneller als alle Empfindungen, als alle Verbindlichkeiten, als der Alltag. Zwei Verrückte im Universum. Verrückt nach einander, allein im Nichts. Komm wir drehen uns, bis wir kotzen.
Ich weiß nicht, was es ist. Es ist schön.


Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013


Fake Fur Streetstyle

Blumenkranz via Kleiderkreisel (mytrends)
Fake Fur Jacket im asos SALE
denim Shirt via MONKI
Converse Chucks via Zalando
Pieces Circle Scarf via Zalando
Braclets & pants via H&M

Montag, 4. Februar 2013


Er hat mir so einige Nerven geraubt, mich zuweilen ganz schön verrückt gemacht und meine Finger blutig. Ja, aber jetzt ist er endlich fertig mein Männermantel! 5. Semester du kannst kommen.
Bilder vom Shooting folgen.

...und ja ich hoffe doch, dass ich in nächster Zeit mal wieder mehr Zeit für euch habe!

finally done! My 4th semester-project. Shooting photos follow ;)

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