Freitag, 26. November 2010

Einen neuen Online-Shop entdeckt. Aus Frankreich.
Und fasziniert davon, dass sich ein 18-jähriges Mädchen damit einen kleinen Traum erfüllt.
Die liebe Julie war so lieb mir einen Pulli meiner Wahl zur Verfügung zu stellen.
Die Wahl fiel auf dieses einzigartige Stern-Design...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

aber in ihrem Shop gibts natürlich nicht nur Hoodies, sondern auch T-Shirts und Jute-Beutel und und und.

Hier ein kleines Interview mit der Designerin...
- a little interview with the designer -

Tell us a little bit about your person..
Hi, my name's Julie Osko. I'm 18 years old. I live in Brussels, Belgium. But I think I will live in another country (UK?) when I will be older.
I read a lot fashion blogs and my favorite fashion brands are Topshop, Fashionology, Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters.

How do you get the idea of an own shop?
I have a huge collection of t-shirts. It's my favorite clothes because I think t-shirts really dress a look. So I decided to create my own shop of cute and rock tshirts (but you can find hoodies and bags too). I draw myself designs and I really like that ! There are new designs each week :)

When did you start byjooyshop?
I got the idea when I end up High School. But I set up my online shop at September 2010. Now I'm working on the blog of my brand. It will be on the net soon.

What do you do beside selling your Designs?
I studied graphic arts in Brussels but I stopped after 3 months to set up my shop and because I have to undergo a surgery.
I will start again my studies in September 2011.

What inspire you?
I find inspirations in women's magazines (Victoire, Elle, Glamour, …), in spots TV, films, books and fashion blogs.

H I E R gehts zum Shop
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